SCENT DETECTION - To learn more about Scent Detection, the Canadian Kennel Club has an outline on their site, click here.

IMG 6769    Cheryl Paytner and her Pug Cali are taking scent detection classes with Doug & Cathy Teeft.  These pictures are from second nights class. "Cali has been labelled as the class clown.  She discovered she has to put her front feet in to reach the treat."   

   Cali came from a litter of 6 in 2013. All out of her  litter mates were destined to be show dogs all over the world.  The breeder (in California) said to me “ you want her ?  She is like the energizer bunny”?  I told her I was up for the challenge.  My first pug was “hell on wheels”. 

   At her first show she was chosen Best Baby Puppy @ the Pug Club of Canada National Speciality.   In 2016 Cali ended the year as #16 pug in Canada, # 4 pug bitch in Canada ! In 2015 & 2016 Cali won Best in Show at the Canine Association of Nova Scotia shows. In June 2015 she became a CKC Grand Champion.

   Last fall Cali earned her “Novice Trick Dog”. This winter we were looking for something FUN to try...Scent Detection was suggested...we are having FUN.       Photo credit: Cathy Teeft


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TRICK DOG TRAINING - To learn more about  Do More With Your Dog®, the C.K.C. has an outline on their site, click here.


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SDDA Scent Detection Trial

Harriettsfield, NS June 27, 2021


My energizer bunny , 8 year old little girl “Cali” Passed three levels today and earned her Starter Title with distinction.


Container Started with a score of 30/30

Interior Started with a score of 39/40

Exterior Started with a score 29/30 High in Trial with a score of 98/100


So proud of our team work.

Thank you to Judge Doug Teeft