BREED CLUBS: While you are researching the breeds of your choice, your first stop should be the Breed Clubs dedicated to providing information on health, temperament, etc.   Most Breeds have both a parent or national Club and regional Clubs.  Most Breed Clubs hold a National or Rotating Specialties.  

SPECIALTY CLUBSThere are also Toy Dog Clubs, as is our own Maritime Toy Dog Club, which incorporate all the Toy Breeds.  They also provide education, regional and national specialties.  This is where you will have the best opportunity to speak with specialists and see the greatest amount of toy breeds first hand.


ALL-BREED CLUBS:  In your region, and perhaps your local community, there most likely will be all-breed Clubs where you may be able to attend shows and meet your chosen breeds and learn more about dogs in general.


The following is a list of Parent Clubs for the Breeds recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club that list websites.



Visit the Canadian Kennel Club to search for Club contacts that may not have a website online. 

Click here for the CKC Recognized Clubs listing.