The Maritime Toy Dog Club provides three categories of membership:

ACTIVE: Voting members, who may hold office and enjoy all privileges.  Must be a citizen of Canada.
ASSOCIATE:  Shall not be entitled to vote or to hold office, but may enjoy all other privileges. Juniors ages four throuugh seventeen.  Non residents of Canada.
HONOURARY: Persons who have made outstanding contributions to the Club and have been involved with Toy Dogs.  Shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

January 1st to December 31 inclusive of each year

Active membership shall be open to all persons eighteen years and over, who subscribe to the purpose of the Club. Membershipi in the CKC is not prerequisite for membership in the Club but if a person is a member of the CKC their membership with the CKC must be in good standing.

The purpose of the Club shall be the, encouragement and development of pure-bred Toy Dogs by:
a.     Accepting the standards of breeds as approved by the CKC;
b.     Educating members and the public at large in the benefits of pure-bred dogs; and
c.     Encouraging participation by conducting Licensed Specialty Shows, under the rules of the CKC.


All applicants must agree to abide by the Constitution and ByLaws. 

Code of Ethics


Membership Form

Membership Renewal Form


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