"Reprint from Dogs in Canada, January 1956, Canadian Kennel Club"

COLUMN: "Maritime Dog Club Notes and News" by Robert B. Laskey

In these colums a former reference was made in name only to the Maritime Toy Dog Club. This Club formed last summer is a very representative one. About every dog centre in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick has its delegated member. There are at least eight toy breeds owned or shown in these provinces.

Here are the names of its chief officers who are with few exceptions toy dog breeders and exhibitors.  Most of them are also active in all breed clubs.

President, Mrs. P.A. Margeson, Kentville, N.S.,

1st Vice Pres., Robert B. Laskey, Saint John, N.B.; 2nd Vice Pres., Herbert Webber, Fredericton, N.B.; 3rd Vice Pres., Mrs. D.R. Thomas, Halifax, N.S.; 4th Vice Pres., Mrs. A.Z. Whitman, Auburn, N.S.; 5th Vice Pres., G.A. Atkinson, Annapolis Royal, N.S.

Directors are: Wm. W. Laskey, Fredericton, N.B., Dr. H.V. Corbet, Truro, N.S., Mr. R. H. Colwell, and Mrs. A.A. Rowan, Fredericton, N.B., Mrs. M.G. Langille, Pictou, N.S., Mrs. Kenneth Albright, Mouth of Keswick, N.B.

Club Secretary, Mrs. Roy H. Colwell, 148 George St., Fredericton, N.B.
Treasurer, Mrs. Fred Haviland, 277 Northumberland St., Fredericton, N.B.



The purpose of this Club is to promote the knowledge and care of all toy breeds, improvement in type and their publicity.  It is also to encourage more toy breeders to exhibit their dogs at all breed shows.

It is proposed that the Club have two show committees, one to function in Nova Scotia, the other in New Brunswick.  This would allow each to put on a Sanction show and an all Toy breed show at least once a year in N.S. and in N.B.  The Fredericton little dog owners are now planning for a Sanction also an all toy breed show in the Capital city and in Saint John.

Both of these new clubs deserve the support of the Maritime dog lovers, of all our Maritime canine associations and clubs. As the first year is often the hardest to get started - we who are so well favored could help; perhaps by lend-lease of show material that would be useful to start them on their way.


"Reprint from Dogs in Canada, June 1956, Canadian Kennel Club"

COLUMN: New Brunswick Dog Clubs Notes & News, Robert B. Laskey


In Fredericton during May, the Maritime Toy Dog Club put on its first Dog Show.  Their Championship show is August 10 to be held in conjunction with the N.B. Kennel Club and benched the second day in St. Andrew's Rink in Saint John, N.B.


"Reprint from Dogs in Canada, August, Canadian Kennel Club"

OFFICIAL SECTION: "Show and Trials Matter" 3387 (3384) - Canadian Kennel Club - Meeting of the Board of Directors, February 8, 1956

Mr. Laskey reported that in 1955 there had been formed the Maritime Toy Dog Club, and reported that the newly formed club proposed to hold a specialty championship show for all Toy breeds at the same time as and in conjunction with one of the two shows to be held by the New Brunswick Kennel Club.